Vantage point

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Vaish the Great!

This is what I wrote in response to a guy on the "Vaishali" community on Orkut, who asked "What's so special about Vashali?"

I am an assal Punekar and I was never Vaishali-crazy in the days I lived in Pune. For me the place was way too popular, there were crowds waiting for you to get up, and the food was decent. But I always argued with my friends and rarely wanted to go to Vaishali.

Yet now, as i stay in Mumbai, one of the things I miss the most about the city is Pune. I have lived in Lucknow and had the most amazing chaaT in the world, but I still yearn for SPDP. I have lived in Bangalore and had yummy udipi stuff, but I yearn for the uttapas in Vaish. I have been to prettier, and "greener" places in Mumbai, and yet I miss the "crowd" at Vaish.

What's so special about it? Maybe it is the memories linked to that place. And the fact that the place attracts a young clientele, and the memories we form in our youth are the most enduring ones. Whatever the case, Vaishali is a legend, maybe because Vaishali is a shrine made of our youth.

If you are looking for a pointwise precise answer, my friend, then you won't find it. But you are sure to rub lots of people the wrong way by asking such questions. Maybe you don't mean to be offensive. But you know us Punekars. We live and die by our jajjwallya abhimaan. And you know what? It's infectious.

p.s. - i think Durga on Paud Road is well on its way to achieve a cult status similar to Vaish. Even that place leaves a lingering taste, not just because of its coffee and egg burjee, but the countless nights during submission time that we visited the place.