Vantage point

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Such a Pity

It is pitiable to see how pathetic the lives of certain people are. They are so devoid of others' attention in their lives that they write tomes-ful on spaces meant for "comments" on other people's blogs.

That no one in their day-to-day life really gives a damn about their opinions is amply proven by their inferiority complex, which manifests itself in their reluctance to stand by their own identity. So these pathetic people hide their pitiable gutless selves in the cloak of anonymity. But their miniscule ego, browbeaten by failures in their personal and professional lives, finds itself stiffening a bit, if under this cloak, they say something stupid.

This kind of depravity is also found among people who make blank calls, or whistle at pretty women, or throw garbage on cricket fields, or scribble graffiti on historic monuments.

I know most readers are irritated by these idiots. But let us treat the idiots with pity. It is an exercise in restoring their egos after all. Let us think of this as charity, and bear with it. After all, the Anons choose to expectorate here because they know that on their own space, no one would even pay them a visit. So let them. I know even this post will be responded to with the same crap. Let it.

Whenever I go to historic monuments like the Red Fort and see graffiti on its wall, I do not think less of the creator of the Red Fort. I pity the mentality of the sickos who tried, in futility, to piggyback on the admiration that the Red Fort evokes.

While comparing this blog to a historic monument is a major delusion of grandeur on my part (hehe :)), I guess by comparing the Poltergeist of this blog with people who scratch their names on the monuments, I also do great injustice to the latter.

At least they had the guts to stand by their identity.