Vantage point

Friday, July 18, 2003

Throughout history, men have been driven by zeal, an incomparable zeal, a fierce zeal (is there any other kind I hear you ask..), a zeal which is more harmful than any other. This is the zeal to fix things or improve things that are not already broken. Numerous studies have been carried out to understand why humans do this. Wasn't it Aristotle who said "If it ain't broken, don't fix it".....or was it Demosthenes? It can be Kant (snickering at myself for that feeble pun), but what matters is the undeniable absolute truth in the statement. The statement is so true that Boole would give it a glance and express his opinion merely as "1". Men should not dabble in things which are perfectly fine.

Now this age old sliver of wisdom, first recorded by the Nubeans and the Mayas simultaneously, cocks a snook in the face of modern strategic management theory which exhorts you to "make your own advantage obsolete", as Michael Porter reminded us few posts back. Maybe it was after reading Michael Porter that Evan Williams came up with the idea of revamping blogger. A classic case of misplaced zeal if there ever was one. If Demosthenes was around he would have reached into his mouth, taken out some rocks and bunged them at Williams.

Ever since the new blogger has made its presence felt, life hasn't been very easy. New born babies announce their arrival by letting out a shrill cry. This new design of blogger announced itself by flashing one of those lucid error messages. Some object had some error or something else.....there was mention of a "null" too. As usual it asked me if I wanted to debug. This is something I have to take up with William (gates yaar...the third) one day. Why are there both "yes" and a "no" after the 'would you like to debug?' question? Which person in a sane state of mind would contemplate debugging?

Debugging is de most bugging thing in the world.....thank god I entered the field of management studies. Those messages keep reminding me of those harrowing times spent in front of the computer debugging. I am done debugging. If there is ever a debugging event introduced in the Olympics, I will not be a contender. Anyway, we have digressed.

So after teasing you about your lack of programming skills by asking you questions like 'would you like to debug?', you would feel this blogger design has had its fill. But no. Once you hit publish, it does not show "Publish successful" at once. No sirree!!It will make a few hundred "tries", during which 2 parallel arrows keep dancing at the spot where you should see "publish successful". Damn irritating! You will not understand why this happened. After all it got published fine the last time and I haven't done anything to the template ever since.

Then it is time for revision. Revision of all the expletives that you pretend in front of your parents that you never learnt. All these are directed at young Williams. You save the post in notepad, and follow the classic approach of a techie. Sign out and sign in again. VOILA!!!

It works now. Why did it not work before when I had not even come near the template? Why does it give these weird numbers with errors? Who knows? But one thing is for sure, it all started after the old design of blogger was discarded.

As they say in Lucknow with a mixture of exasperation and amusement, Bataiiye!!