Vantage point

Thursday, July 10, 2003

An amazing interview of the late Douglas Adams which conveys views very similar to my own on atheism and "belief"

DNA about atheism

I must say that the situation in India regarding atheists is similar to what he describes in England. No one here tries to "rescue" anyone from atheism and while the staunchest believers may not agree with my lack of faith, I have never faced too much resentment. The attitude here seems to be "To each his own". While a lot of people border on either agnosticism or belief without rituals, a large population of India continues to be very religious. But still atheists have no problem wearing their atheism on their sleeve if they want.

Like I read somewhere, it is not that we are "tolerant", it is just that we are "indifferent". Saying that Indians are 'tolerant' is like putting the attitude on a very high pedestal, which is partly responsible for the rise of Hindu fundamentalism. Just because the rest of the world is intolerant, these fundos feel we do some favour on religious minorities by treating them equally. The norm in India has been and should be "indifference" about your fellow beings' faith. Let's hope that does not change.