Vantage point

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Usually my blogs are very opinion based. Here is a journal-type post for a change. :-)

It has been very monsoony in Lucknow for the past couple of days. This means that it is very cloudy and it keeps raining, just like back home in Pune. So far the rainy season in Lucknow has been characterised by "guest appearance" type rainshowers. That is why this incessant rain reminds me of home all the more.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time on the phone. I am convinced that the phones in IIML are minions of the darkside. I had to try three different instruments befoe the conversation could get going. However the conversation was worth all the trouble. *wide grin*

In the evening the rain stopped and the clouds cleared up a bit. After the longest day a couple of weeks back, the sun has started its journey southwards and yesterday I realised that I could again watch the sunset keeping my door open. For the past few months of "uttaraayan", the flank of Hostel 12 always eclipsed it. So for the first time in months I sat in my own room watching the sun set. I must have mentioned it here before that I am a big fan of sunsets. Especially here in the plains of Lucknow. When clouds of varying density are at the horizon, the interplay of colours gets even more fascinating than usual. This time, the clouds were streaked across the horizon in thickish plumes. The sun lurked behind them, giving a partial glimpse of its majesty, sporting a lightish orange hue because of the clouds. I took my chair to the open corridor and sat there with my book, gazing at the sunset.

At moments like this, it seems to me as if time has slowed to a leisurely pace, and the sun and clouds are putting on this show for my sole benefit. And as is inevitable my mind drifts to the topic that has been on my mind for the past two months or so. A visual symphony unfolding itself in front of my eyes and those thoughts....bliss. The book in my hand, "Order of the Phoenix" was deprived of my attention for about half an hour as I just sat there, gazing at the Western horizon and thinking, the usual happy smile plastered on my face.

The sun finally set, and I reiterated to myself the promise that as soon as I get my digital camera I am going to shoot the sunset everyday. I am so obsessed with the it, I could write a book on the various types of sunsets and the effect they have on me.

Once the sun had set I got back to reading how Harry was pissed off with the world in general. After I reached page 200, I decided to go for a jog. Darkness had still not descended, and a jog around the prettiest campus in the world (objectivity be damned) was as invigorating as it could get. Little wonder then that I clocked my lowest time around the campus this year - 14 mins 32 sec. The lowest ever was 13:58 last year. I should get there within a fortnight. After that I spent 45 mins in the gym and was back in my room.

As if on perfect cue, it started raining as soon as I entered my room. I kept both the doors open and continued reading Harry Potter. Read it until I fell asleep.

Woke up this morning with a start and saw that it was 9:00 a.m. WHAT!!! I had slept for almost 10 hours. And my PromStrat class was at 9:10. Panicky, I rushed to Sunil's room, who with his typically sagely countenance told me to relax. "We'll go for the 4 p.m. lecture of Section B". That sounded like a plan. We went to the mess, had a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and pohey. After that some of us sat in Sunil's room till noon, talking about all topics raning from politics to films. I was particularly disturbed by the possibility of reservations in the private sector but Pushkar is confident that it will never happen since private cos fund political parties. Pushkar and I played 2 games of table tennis, in which he beat me usual. :-(

Now I sit here with 90 minutes till my next lecture. I am listening to some Hindi songs. By the way, I have a language mood for songs. You will rarely find songs of different languages in my playlist. It is either fully english or fully hindi or fully marathi. OK, since I am in a very journal-ish mood, here is the playlist currently on -

1. Mera Kuch Saaman - Ijazat
2. Rang Barse - Silsila
3. Hothon se gulfishan hai woh - Talat Mahmood
4. Satrangi re - Dil se
5. Chhod na chhod na - Kaante
6. Rama re - Kaante
7. Hum thhe woh thhi - Chalti Ka Naam GaaDi
8. Ek chatur naar - Padosan
9. Madhuban mein radhika naache re - Mohd Rafi (Kohinoor??? dunno)

I think after I make this post I'll get back to Harry Potter. Frankly though, it is not as engaging as the earlier books. I did not like Goblet of Fire as much as the earlier 3 and this one I am liking even less. After Prisoner of Azkaban, it seems to be all downhill. I think she is pushing this whole "Poor victimised Harry" bit a little too far. It is getting annoying, as if she is not letting him grow up, and keeping him in that image for too long. Anyway, the book is still a decent read and I better get back to it.

Moses is conducting a cricket quiz tonight and I am really looking forward to it. Hopefully the turnout from facchas will be decent. Quizzing is such a great thing to do......I miss the Boat Club.

Anyway, that was my journal-ish post. Ciao then.