Vantage point

Friday, July 04, 2003

Both the doors are open. A solitary bird chirps outside, looking at the sky. Pleasant winds engulf everything around me in a comforting embrace. Clouds have crowded the sky, but don't look too menacing. Every leaf on every tree around me is dancing a joyous dance.

There, a few more birds have joined in, and it sounds like a happy quartet now. The wind seems to have picked up a little more. I stand in the balcony, and as I give the clouds a questioning smile, they oblige me with a tiny drizzle. The slanting arrows of water hit everything in sight, and a moisture of satisfaction covers starts covering everything.

Those two porous musicians are playing Mozart at the moment, The Marriage of Figaro is it not? Next in line is Beethoven's Fifth. You would think the air was saturated with a lyrical perfection, but Wolfgang just adds to it in his own way. I walk in, add a few more pieces to the playlist, then walk out of the front door. A naughty pall of mist has descended on the countryside, but it is far from sombre. Its magical touch carries a tingly mirth with it.

Ah, just as I typed "magical", the 'Fifth' started rolling out, like a statuesque carpet.

It is one of those mornings when every element of nature is bursting with happiness. That is because everyone is happy celebrating......freedom.....for someone.