Vantage point

Friday, June 27, 2003

Have started working out again. It is good to work out in the IIML gym. It has all the facilities without the crowds that one encountered in the Chaitanya Health Club back home.

One thing that is missing here is the "Puny Expert". We had one such guy in Chaitanya. He was an old man, at least 70 years old, but was very that i mean he didn't accept his old age. That ain't a bad thing as long as you dont start paining other people. This guy did that. He would get all huff-puff-huff-puff after benchpressing even 10 Kgs, and yet he strutted around the gym, dispensing advice to everyone but the gym instructor.

He was a funny little fella really. Would not be weighing more than 50 kgs, but spoke as if he and Charles Atlas worked out together in the 50s. I suppose every gym has these self appointed experts, who teach others stuff that they themselves haven't the foggiest about.

Reminds me of a story by Munshi Premchand....I can't recall the name though, maybe someone can help me out here. It is about the elder brother of the narrator who always has this didactic approach towards him. He is scolding him at all times about how he should study sincerely and not waste time etc. When the story starts the elder bro is in 9th and younger one is in 6th. By the time the story ends, the elder bro has flunked so many times, he is still in 9th but the narrator is in 10th.

And yet the elder bro keeps scolding him about studies.