Vantage point

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Welcome to the 21st edition.

George Thomas, the film guru reviews Khwahish and Finding Nemo.

JK takes apart Praful Bidwai's article in this post. Ravi does the same here. Sameer adds his voice too.

VS Babu does not think much of the American media as you can see from this post.

Suman Palit talks about the game which is being played in Iraq as well as Washington.

Vikas Kamat has an amazing post on the MLT technology.

Kingsley reviews a hot new browser in the market, iRider

Shanti talks about the academic freedom in Pakistan. Spot the oxymoron there. ;-)

Ravikiran asks some thought-provoking questions in his post on Ends and Means.

Ananthnarayan makes a very emotional post about the parallels he saw between the movie American History X and the current situation in India.

Silent Melodies carries a poem about the various faces of rain.

Hirak seeks to reduce disorder by enlightening about the The Second Law of Thermodynamics.

The aimless wanderer re-relives his trip to Joshimath.

And to round up the mela, check out Alok Kumar's "Nau Do Gyarah", the first Hindi blog I have seen. Since the script(Devnagri) is same as Marathi and so many Maharashtrians seem to be blogging, maybe some of us should take the lead and start a Marathi blog.......and email the link to T Balu ;-).

Wow!!! Will you look at the length of this list? It is more of a Bharateeya Blog Kumbhmela if you ask me. For the uninitiated, this is what a Kumbhmela looks like.

The next Bharateeya Blog Mela will be hosted by Shamit Bagchi.

Until next tuesday then, Alvida!