Vantage point

Thursday, May 01, 2003

This is a verbal prank you can pull on your marathi speaking friends. It is a Gaurav Sabnis original and has gotten me clucked tongues, hissses and annoyed looks on many occasions. I share it with you people today so that the prank can be used on more people. :-P

Ask someone - "Tujha bhutanvar vishwaas aahe ka?"
They will either say yes or no. Whatever their answer, ask next - "Ani tujha Bangladesh kinva Nepalvar vishwas aahe ka?"


Explanation for non-marathis - The first sentence translates as "Do you believe in ghosts?" but there is a pun in it and it can also mean "Do you believe in Bhutan?". People assume you are asking them about ghosts and after that you ask them about Bangladesh and Nepal.

I know, I know, corneeeeee. But still, try it on your friends and tell me the results.