Vantage point

Friday, March 21, 2003

Has it happened to you? I mean you can wait a long time for something but in the last few moments of the wait you start getting very uneasy. For instance if you really have to go to the bathroom, but are travelling back home. It will all be OK when you are in the car, but the time from the garage to the bathroom will be the hardest to survive. Similarly, if you are jogging, and have set yourself a certain time target. The last 10 seconds will be the toughest.

I am facing that kinda situation about going home. I have been waiting so many days to go home, but now that it is just one week away, I am getting pangs of major homesickness.

I miss my couch at home. The days at IIML are couch-less days. I miss ribbing my mom about her favourite Hindi soaps. I miss my bike, the ole faithful Hero Honda Splendor which would transport me places. I miss all my friends whom i could call at any time of the day and talk with for hours. I miss the Law College tekdi...what a of my favourite places in the world. I miss Sinhagad. I miss the COEP Boat Club, the quiz club and the weird food we got there. Speaking of food.

I miss Mom's food, and Pune's food. I have been fantasising about eating saadha-varan-bhaat-ani-tyawar-toop-ani-pilalele-limbu for the past couple of days. At home, I never eat this by choice. My mom would make me eat it for the sake of a balanced diet, but I never imagined I would yearn it. Besides the usual chicken, daal baati, surmai that my Mom whips up, I also miss her kanda-pohey, upma, wangyachi bhaaji, shilya ghadichya polya, ..... and everything she can make. Then there is that wadapav from near Vanaz. Simple things like pav bhaji, masala dosa, dabeli, khekda bhaji. Most of all I miss bhel!!! The typical Puneri bhel (much much different from the significantly inferior Mumbai bhel) is a work of art. I miss the beef rolls and tawa gosht in Shivaji Market, the burjee at Durga, the coffee at Cafe Coffee Day.........and yes, for all those Vaishali lovers, I admit. Me, a staunch Vaishali baiter admits to missing that damn place and its SPDP.

I miss driving in a traffic which has a very large number of girls and women. I miss roaming around at night without feeling too worried about safety. I miss those damn rickshaw-wallahs too.

And it bears repetition, I miss my family and my friends.

29th March, you better get here on the double.