Vantage point

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Two papers tomorrow. Took a break from studying, went for dinner had a long conversation witrh Tony. We were talking for about 2 hours, non stop. It was a great conversation. You know how you define a great conversation? One in which you talk and talk and talk, but 10 minutes after you talk, you can't remember what you talked about, because the whole conversation was so natural.

Came back to the room, studied a bit more, took another break and saw 3 trailers from the insti network. Comments about them -

MATRIX RELOADED - It looks exactly like the first movie, as the trailer opens with Morpheus' sermonising as usual. Truth be told, I did not like the way "The Matrix" was made. I have never been very impressed by computerised special effects. They make everything look so easy and phony. There are just no limits left and so there is no novelty left either. What impressed me about The Matrix was the story idea. The concept was just so mindblowing that it carried the movie on its shoulders. The director must have grown up watching Hindi movies. The last half an hour is sooooooo contrived. Anyway, getting back to the trailer, it is full of scenes where Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann Moss take enough liberties to make Newton spin in his grave (or plasma filled vat, in case he's in the matrix too). There is talk of a "war" and "destiny" and all that usual stuff. I don't see how the concept can be stretched any further. This will be just a good guys vs evil robots movie. The trailer is a triumph for the special effects guys.

TERMINATOR 3 RISE OF THE MACHINES - Doesn't seem very different from T2, except that this time Arnie, the good android is fighting a bad android who is a hot babe, instead of a dude like in T2. However there is one interesting trivia bit which can perhaps be attributed to the Casting Director's desire to take a stab at irony. The hot babe android is played by none other than Alyssa Milano, who, before she started shedding her clothes left right and center in movies like "Poison Ivy", played the role of Arnie's daughter in "Commando". So the glossies will have a great time thinking up headlines like "Daughter turns against Father" etc.

8 MILE - I repented watching even the trailer. Fat chance I am watching the movie!