Vantage point

Monday, February 03, 2003

The idea of having another blog has been dropped due to paucity of time. So I will post stuff here itself.

I have been reading a bit of Munshi Premchand lately. For those not aware of him, he is considered one of the, if not THE greatest Hindi writer of modern times(if you can call the 19th and 20th century modern times that is). I love his stories. They have a perfect blend of humour, poignancy, pathos and a social message. Here is an english translation of a passage I found very interesting -

"Strange as it may seem but it is a fact that while goodness produces hatred, evil produces friendliness. A scholar hates another scholar, a priest another priest, a poet another poet. They do not even want to see each other's faces. But a gambler helps another gambler, a thief another thief and a drunkard another drunkard. Should a scholar stumble in the dark and fall, the other scholar will give him another kick or two to make sure that he does not get up at all.

But look at thieves. One will shelter and protect another. Everyone hates evil and yet evil produces mutual regard. Everyone praises goodness but goodness produces hatred. What will a thief get out of killing another thief except the wrath of his class, but doesn't a scholar expect to become more famous by running down another scholar?"