Vantage point

Sunday, February 02, 2003

Glad to report that I did not have a heart attack. =-).

I liked "The Ring" a lot. It is not the sort of horror movie that grips you with its gory hands and makes you jump up every second. It is more the kind that quietly enters your bloodstream before you know it, and you end up having an uneasy feeling throughout the duration. There are those moments there too where you jump up. But it is mainly this "Bloodstreaming Effect" that makes it such a great horror movie.

A good comedy movie is also one that is dripping with humour in small doses, so that even a preposition or a pronoun at a given moment seems hilarious. You can apply the same parameter to a horror movie.

One of the major reasons behind this Bloodstreaming Effect is the videotape. It is positively one of the eeriest things I have seen. Shot in black and white, it is full of images that stay in your mind long after the movie is over, and even after you kinow the whole logic behind it. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr, even as I write this blog, those images are flashing in front of my eyes.

I won't say much about the story, since that would be giving the plot away to you people and robbing you of a thrilling experience. The movie is a remake of the Japanese movie "Ringu" and now I am desperate to watch the original too. That is because original movies or book are better than movies made on them (honourable exception being Shekhar Kapoor's Masoom which was SOOO much better than Eric Seagal's 'Man, Woman and Child').

The movie has a great pace which never slackens and the end is amazing. It reminds me a bit of the ending of the Amitabh starrer 'Aks', a movie which had its flaws, but was in general better than your regular Bollywood fare, and deserved a better fate than it got.

If I like a movie very much, especially a 'different' (or should I say 'bizarre') movie, I tend to watch it at least twice more, analysing it in greater detail, trying to find any hidden message or a metaphor that the Director meant to convey. I CAN NOT watch 'The Ring' again so soon because it will simply take up too much of my mental energy and I have midterms coming up in 2 days. But after the midterms, I HAVE TO watch it.

The eerie images still refuse to leave my mind. I guess I better watch a few clips from some other movie to wash them away. Maybe Andaz Apna Apna.