Vantage point

Thursday, February 06, 2003


I don't know what is wrong with the two parties concerned. They seem to share a love-hate relationship, with hate being the major component. They just refuse to communicate properly. Of course there are phases when the communication runs smooth and everything seems hunky dory and it appears as if this will last forever. But then, I don't know what goes bust, they are back to square one! Currently, we are in one such lean phase.

It is not like they are so unresponsive with others too. Most of them get along very well with others, but when it comes to each other, the irrationality starts. Sometimes I wonder if third party mediation would really be a good idea. But then, I am not sure how useful that would be. Maybe the third party will spoil its relations with the two as well.

People like me are suffering from this irritating enmity. I wish something could break the impasse......

......... wait a minute. No, No, No, I can read your mind. That is NOT what I am talking about. There is more to the world than just that.

I am talking about this weird enmity that the IIML servers seem to share with the servers! I swear it is bad. All the other sites open just fine, but it takes any lj blog ages to load. And when it does load, it will be incomplete. And that is just the main page, don't even get me started on the comments page. If there are more than 5 comments, I have to hit the refresh key 20 times before it loads fully so that I can add my two bits worth. It is frustrating, I tell you.

There have been phases when things have been good. But such phases are too few and far. Earlier it was just Suku who was on LJ. But now, people have shifted to LJ en masse. There's Sonal, Sameer, Anik, Rubi to name a few. Sameer's comments page seems like the Kashmir in this whole impasse. There is no compromise. It has never loaded, NEVER. I doubt if I have even a single comment on Sameer's LJ blog.

I don't know what the problem is but I am sure it is nothing that a cup of be had after a few strong pegs won't solve. The two servers should come to the negotiating table, do a perfect "handshake" (that's a joke only techie people will get), and normalise things.

LJ, IIML, are you listening?