Vantage point

Friday, January 24, 2003

I am scared of our library. Scared because it is simply the best library I have ever seen in my life. It has an excellent layout, comfy sofas, nice cubicles, great books, fast computers...almost everything but a sizzler restaurant.

So why am I scared of it? I am scared because the library has an amazing capacity to just gobble up a huge chunk of my time. There are times when I go there with the intention of just reading Hindustan Times and Business Standard. But after that, I go towards the fiction section to see if there have been any additions. Then I meander towards the history section and spend some time browsing through stuff there. A small stroll takes me to the spirituality section where Vivekananda and Max Mueller's stuff is stacked up in piles (or piled up in stacks, if you prefer).

Then again there is the wall full of books on advertising which I just have to read portions of.

The end result is that I had entered the library at 1 p.m. with the intention of leaving at 1:30 after reading the newspapers, and then having lunch, but by the time I leave, the sun has already set and dinner will be served 15 minutes later. If there is some project meeting I have missed, I will find incendiary emails in my inbox when I return to my room.

So as I said, I am scared of our library.