Vantage point

Sunday, January 19, 2003

MANFEST 2003 was good. Not the best fest you will ever see, but hey, 200 management students from all over the country coming to Lucknow in this weather, is a great achievement. IIML won the maximum events (sheers numbers, baby!), but because of the policy that the hometeam can't win the overall trophy, it went to IIM Calcutta. These guys were amazing. The contingent was all of 4 people strong, and yet they won about 6 events or so, mainly in the Finance section. Watch out for these guys, they will either multiply your money or pull an Enron-Xerox-Worldcom on you, cos they are brilliant.

FMS, Delhi did well too, coming from behind to be joint first in the ITC Business Quiz.

I conducted the General Quiz, in which MDI Gurgaon cantered home with a vast lead, and 2 IIML teams were breathless trying to catch up with them, but in vain.

Overall the three day fest was fun, and was capped off with a concert by Parikrama (seems as if that's how all inter-college fests in India are supposed to end). There were parties on all three nights where booze, and more importantly for me, juice flowed.

So back to the grind of lectures, assignments, projects, placement dry runs, etc etc.