Vantage point

Wednesday, January 15, 2003


Isn't America chicken?They won't "discipline" North Korea, even if they have fissile material coming out of their ears, they won't do anything to Iran cos it can unleash a reign of terror against them. They don't go after Osama in Pakistan, cos if he outsmarts them (the way Veerappan's been playing with us for ages), they will have another egg on their face smelling like Vietnam.

But hey, gotta flex our muscles, cos someone's gotta pay for 9/11, if we can't catch the real culprits! Afghanistan wasn't enough. How about Iraq? The puny little country with the malnutritioned people? With the stupid arrogant dictator we conned into attacking his neighbours before stomping in like "big heroes"? With an army that we massacred, even when they were retreating, flouting a million International treaties and Convention? Yeah, that sounds easy bait. Plus, it has always been a secular-ish country with moderate people whom the Islamic fundamentalists hate. No danger of any motivated suicide bombers either. Yayy, a bombing we will go!

It's like when a playground bully can't quite subdue some young upstarts cos they kick him in the groin. So he slaps around a kid who is disabled, just to show "I am the bully"!

Bush is making a mistake though. This campaign could lead to some such attack on USA in the future, that it will make 9-11 look like a regular street mugging.

One thing I've always wondered about is why is everyone supposed to be extra sad for 9-11? Yeah, it was a horrid incident carried out by evil people and needs to be condemned. But isn't America getting paid back in its own coin? It has killed thousands of innocent people (right from Hiroshima to Kunduz) in its military action, and dismissed them with a fancy term - 'collateral damage'. Osama has declared war on USA. Why can't we call the victims of 9-11 collateral damage? I feel for them, but not more than I feel for the girl who got bombed in kandahar, or maimed in Basra, or evaporated in Nagasaki. Just because the Afghans did not wear fancy suits to work, did not have cellphones to make any touching last minute calls or the Iraqis don't have wives who will sit with layers of make-up on CNN telling 'What a great father he was'!

The victims of 9-11(may they rest in peace) were just 3,000 more in a vast list of lives lost because of violent, rigid, selfish, imperialist, or uncompromising attitudes. Those responsible for this vast list also form a vast list and the top places are shared by Osama, Saddam, and many others including a large number of American Presidents and Secys of State.

It is a dirty dog-eat-dog world, so one can not expect any justice or fairplay. It is like the laws of a suburban playground where might is right. So using one of the lines of the playground parlance, one could say