Vantage point

Friday, January 03, 2003

My friend Pushkar has done mankind a great service.......or at least done something great for us Maharashtrians at IIM. He has got a CD full of Marathi MP3's and man, is it an amazing collection. It has been months since I listened to quality marathi music of good audio quality, and it feels grrrrrreat. So right now, my playlist features -

Ramya hi swargahun Lanka
Tumhavar keli mee marji bahaal
Gomu sangtina majhya tu yeshil ka
Aali thumkat naar lachkat
Maajhe maher pandhari
Konas thauk kasa (my favourite song when I was a kid)
Ha ruswa sod sakhe (an amazing lovesong by Mohammad Rafi)
Shukratara mandavaara
Bhatuklichya khelamadhali

And these are just some of the 200 odd songs on the CD. Now I am off to search for 'Jait re jait' MP3's on the net. If any of you know where I can get them, send me the URL or the IP address.