Vantage point

Friday, January 10, 2003

The day before I fell ill, I went for a moviethon with my floormates. 3-6 Saathiya and 6-9 Bollywood/Hollywood.

I liked Saathiya. I won't go gaga over it, because I must say that I expected a little more since it was written by Mani Ratnam. But then, it probably lost a lot in the translation. Here let me declare that I dislike Rani Mukerji (maybe even more than Kareena Kapoor). Always have, ever since 'Aati kya Khandala'. Her sister in Saathiya, Sandhya Mridul has been given a de-glam look, but still looks hotter than Rani. Vivek Oberoi was good, but I must say that intense roles with a stubble suit him more. Clean-shaven he looks like a grinny kid.

Bollywood/Hollywood was tamepaaaas as expected/ Loosely based on the old Hindi film 'Dulhan wahi jo piya man bhaye', it takes cheeky potshots at the Hindi film industry time and again. The dhinchak song 'Dil Kabutarkhana hai, har kisika aanajaana hai' was hilarious. Unfortunately we saw the movie in its dubbed (Hindi) version. In English it would have been a lot funnier. Lisa Ray looks HOT HOT HOT! Rahul Khanna is way better than his brother. In fact Akshaye makes a guest appearance as himself in the movie. Oh yeah, this reminds me of the guy sitting next to me. He was watching the movie with total concentration and was apparently loving every moment of it. So in the scene where Akshyae Khanna has a guest appearance, he says "Rahul to mere bhai ki tarah hai" (Rahul is like my brother). And this dude next to me, gets pleased as punch, lets out a big guffaw. grabs my hand and says "Hahaha, bhai hi toh hai!!!". I didn't know how to react, so I just smiled back while trying to free my hand from his grip.

Some of the guys came back to the hostel and watched Kaante on VCD, but I was all movied out. Besides I don't really wanna watch Kaante anyway.