Vantage point

Friday, January 17, 2003


Been meaning to write about this for a long time. Now I am an opponent of America's imperialist policies and ham-handed approach when it comes to other countries. By that, I mean that I dislike the fact that they send their bombers to destroy Iraq and Afghanistan without no real reason.

But hey, I don't see the logic behind lambasting them (as outsiders) about their internal laws. If we say America should not meddle with us because it is our business, then we should not pass judgement on their internal legislation, because it's their business. They got bombed with their own commercial airliners, for god's sake. Their country has many hidden terror mongers willing to damage America in the name of Allah. There are many wanting to enter America for the same purpose. The 9-11 hijackers were sent all the money they used from Pakistan. It is believed to have originated in Saudi Arabia. Some stringent actions are obvious, anybody would've carried them out. What do you expect them to do? Give every incoming Arab and Pakistani a detailed map of NYC and say "WTC is no longer with us, but we have highlighted the location of the Empire State Building, in case you would like to bomb it. Printed below are the timings when there are maximum people in the building. Have a nice visit!". First there were major protests for months in Pakistan where perhaps more American flags were burnt than were hoisted in USA. The regional and national parties like the MMA had "Anti-America Rhetoric" as their poll plank, and they won resoundingly in 2 provinces and share power at the centre. You still expect America to think every Pakistani is benign? I am not saying each one is Sheikh Omar Sayeed, but hey, can't really blame them, can you? These protests sound funny coming from a country which is not allowing the "Bihari Muslim" population of Bangladesh (erstwhile East Pakistan) return to a country that was apparently the "homeland for muslims of the subcontinent".

That ain't done. It's their country, leave it to them to guard. You can always leave it, right?

I mean come on, no one is forcing you to go to America, are they? You can just stay in your own country and do your own thing if you want. Why do you regard America as this common land where everyone can live, mint money, bring up your children, and have a say even if you are NOT an American citizen? Even if you do, you should be thankful that USA allows that (no altruism there, it benefits equally) and not try to impose your own views on it.

So who is complaining about 'discriminatory' policies? Ohh, Pakistan! If a Hindu goes there, he will suffer no hassles from them. He won't be photographed. No spies will follow him around. He will be treated like any other guy, like Americans would treat him. Right? WRONG! Pakistanis are discriminatory towards Hindu visitors, and they have reason to be. National security! So why should America be different? Who else will complain? Ohh, Saudi Arabia!! The paramount of liberty itself. If an American woman wants to walk around in shorts reading a bible in Riyadh, she can do it right? NO!! This is a country which does not allow jews to set foot on their soil. They do not permit any religious books other than Islamic ones. There are numerous restrictions on your lifestyle and your worshipping. Saudis are going to complain about discriminatory behaviour??? Gimme a break!

Basically, my question is that what right do these people have to criticise what America decides for its own interest? How hypocritical is that? Almost akin to living in a Muslim's house as a paying guest, bringing pork chops in the house as a snack, and when the owner of the house gets upset, saying "Hey, why this discriminatory behaviour towards only pig meat? You don't mind mutton or beef! You better change your ways". Nope, if your diet includes pork and your landlord is Muslim, you don't live there, you live somewhere else. Similarly, you got a problem being fingerprinted by the American INS, maybe you just don't go to that country!

But these people want to have their cake and eat it too.