Vantage point

Thursday, January 16, 2003


The air here is so full of moisture! No, no, I am not talking about the Bombay style humidity where you sweat your blood supply off by noon! This is so humid that it's like living in a cloud. There's perpetually dense fog. You can feel that the air is so full of moisture that you could stick a tap in the air and get yourself a drink of water.

The humidity is good news, really. Every winter in Pune, my skin would go dry and I would have to apply vaseline or some cold cream to my lips and face. But here it is not needed at all. Not a hint of dryness (or is it spelt 'driness'?)!

Of course it has its share of curses too. It was Makarsankranti 2 days ago, but here, there does not seem to be a system of exchanging til-gur(sesame and jaggery) sweets like there is in Maharashtra. No "tilgul ghya god god bola"! So Sunil had got a big box of 'gajak' which is the closest North Indian mithai gets to 'tilgul'. It is dry stuff made of the two components, and is quite yummy. So I had taken some slices to my room, and was munching on them. But I could not finish the last piece and so wrapped it up in a paper and kept it on the shelf for the next day. When I opened the wrapping(so grandiose!!) paper the next day, the gajak was all soggy and sticky. It was different, but still yummy! =-)