Vantage point

Thursday, November 14, 2002

So the Midterms are over, and Index 2002, the Marketing Fair that IIM Lucknow organises is just around the corner. A two day affair, it has 10 teams of 20 students each competing in a market survey competition. They are doing projects for different companies, and the prizes run into hundreds of thousand rupees.

The whole concept of this event is to get a Market Survey Questionnaire filled from the people of Lucknow. Last year 35,000 attended the event. However if you think 35,000 stood and filled our boring survey forms, you are wrong. Our job is to come up with innovative games that the people will play to have fun, and through these games, answer our question. For example, last year the Levers team had a 'Space Travel' game in which he had to pack his bag in a few minutes. They kept different toothpastes there to see which one he chooses.

My team is working on "Hindustan Times", and we have to do a comparitive survey of that paper with the others. We have a great theme going, but I can't post it on the blog, cos everything has to be hush-hush till the last moment. All I can tell you is, I contributed the pun-ny name of the theme.

Winter has set it. Okay, it is not as bad as Colorado, but it is pretty bad. We had misty fog at 1 in the afternoon, and my teeth were chattering. So I've bought a nice cotton razai (a sort fo a blanket) and sleep cosily at night.

Something funny happened 2 days ago. Before the Quant paper, my friend Vivek was studying at about 4 in the morning. He got bored and decided that the world was not being fair on him, amking him study so much, and some of the misery had to be shared with the guys who were sleeping, having peacefully completed their preparation. So he went to the door of Chinmay's room. Chinmay is one of the sincere guys. Early-to-bed-early-to-rise types. Now Vivek started baning on the door shouting "CHINMAY CHINMAY GET UP, THERE'S AN EARTHQUAKE, GET UP, EARTHQUAKE".

Needless to say, it had the desired effect and Chinmay was giving Maurice Greene a major complex as he raced out of his room in his night-gear (which was not ample, cos this was before the winetr set in) and reaced terra firma huffing and puffing only to realise that he had been had.

Poor Chinmay.