Vantage point

Monday, November 04, 2002

I know I am again posting something Kabir from wrote, but it is so profound, I have to share it with you people.

That is the biggest strength of Hinduism. The Right To Be Right--more importantly The Right To Be Wrong--so long as it doesn't hurt another person.One day RSS would want to take away that Right.They would want to take away my 5000 years old Bhartiyata & give me their brand of 75 years old Hindutva.They shall not succeed. Should not. Even God can not take away the God given Right of a Man to say there is No God.

I generally do not hold prejudices or personal dislikes. However I am prejudiced against one type of people - bigots. Be they Hindu, Muslim or Christian bigots, I absolutely despise them, and find them an anachronism in today's day and age.