Vantage point

Saturday, November 09, 2002


Breaking this self-imposed sabbatical for a small post.

Met Rahul online today and he said it's just 15 days before CAT, the Entrance Exam for the best business schools in the country.

Last year, hardly anyone I knew was taking the exam, everyone was going for GRE. This year though, so many of my friends are giving it a shot. Besides I have also noticed that there are many bloggers who are in the race as well.

So here's wishing a confident and successful "Build-up to CAT" to Shantanu, Neeraj, Rahul, Vallari, Mihir, Chinmay, Tushar and all the bloggers in the hunt.

Here's some unsolicited advice, a quote from Sunil Gavaskar, which can be applied to CAT as well.

"To be a successful batsman in test cricket, what matters is not your ability to hit the difficult balls, but your ability to leave them alone"

I guess that is what these 15 days must be utilised for. Working on which questions to leave.

All the best!