Vantage point

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Some people!

Our seniors are having their endterms right now. There is one who is very very helpful, let's call him A. Our summer placement process has started in a way, since we have to submit the first CV today, and about 4 everyday from tomorrow onwards. Now there is this girl in our batch, let's call her B.

A is sitting, studying for an extremely tough exam tomorrow. B obviously is intellectually challenged and needs help filling up her CV of all the things. She first tries her luck with a few seniors who are smart enough to just shoo her away with "Exam tomorrow, no time". She sights A, pounces on him, figuratively speaking of course.

"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease, help me with this CV, I feel so helpless, I am afraid I won't get placed" she pouts. Girl not very (or rather at all) good looking, but A, being so kind and helpful, relents. B wastes the next 2 hours of his. She keeps going on about how she has no achievements to fill her CV with and how he should help her. Imagine, a day before his end term exam! I really feel a bit bugged by this. I mean come on, it's just a crummy CV for a little summer job!

I don't know who is more wrong in this scenario?
B for being so pampered, spoilt, childish and insensitive ?
or A for being so submissive and over-altruistic?
B for not having the brains or the heart to realise that it was a wrong time to ask A?
or A for not being able to say No?

We live in a world where almost everyone looks to exploit everyone and everything else. To survive we do need the ability to say No. But then there are some who are really selfless. Where would the world be without them?

Maybe both were a bit wrong, maybe no one was wrong.

I am all for helping people. However not at the cost of one's own time or well being.

I have seen situations, heck even experienced situations where the other person does not give a thought to whether I am busy or anything, and just wants my "help" ( read spoon-feeding")

At times I can say "No", at times I help, at times I make false excuses.

So what about A and B? What's your opinion?