Vantage point

Wednesday, August 28, 2002


We, the undersigned, would like to nominate Miss Sonal Bhushan for the Nobel Peace Prize for 2003 in view of her immense contribution to the cause of bloggers and blogging fans. In a very touching gesture, Miss Bhushan has offered us the use of the YACCS commenting system, which allows her up to 4 more blogs. Considering the fickle and treacherous commenting systems other than YACCS, and their propensity to go off service, Miss Bhushan could have easily sold the extra comment provisions for a whopping profit ( our sources tell us the going rate for a YACCS ID in the black market is $ 4.3 million) and retired to the Cayman islands. She however selflessly chose to bestow two of the YACCS ID's upon us. As a result, we, who had vowed to hack (with knives and hatchets, not breaking into their servers) the owners of the enetation and netcomments services, and do a variant of a West African dance on their remains, have embraced the path of peace.

We hope the Nobel Committee recognizes the significance of her actions and announces her name as the recipient of the 2003 Peace Prize.


Gaurav Sabnis
Satyen Kale