Vantage point

Saturday, August 24, 2002

Lazy Weekend?? Not quite!

I remember that someone told me that you start valuing weekends so much more after you come to IIM. Here are a few things I intended to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon-

- Read all the posts on since the last week.
- Read the descriptions on all sites of the 2nd day's play of the Headingly test in which Sachin and Saurav mauled the English bowlers.
- Read the latest, and what will perhaps be the last issue I can access, of
- Read about what happened to the whole Lyngdoh-Kalam-Modi issue, and read Seshan's interview
- Read Khushee's blog which looks so yummy, I could eat it.
- Watch James Bond movie on the insti network, probably Dr. No or Thunderball
- Write a post about everything mentioned above

However, one more thing was added to the list

- Meet the Economics101 project group after lunch and start working on the report and the primary data survey questionnaire.

This is tagged with a much higher priority, and so all other things will have to wait.

I am feeling very tempted to read 'Snapshots from Hell'