Vantage point

Monday, August 19, 2002


So I was online today for some time. And so was Sukanya. So we sat down and weaved a fairy tale. This fairy tale features stars cutting across studio lines, and timelines. The characters in the story are Tinkerbell, Pinocchio, Ugly Witch, Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin (Rumpy), Jack (of the beanstalk fame), Beast (the one from Beauty and the.), and Red Riding Hood. The fairytale, goes as follows.

Tinker Bell decides to come to magic town. Magic town is a wondrous land where all sorts of glorious and spellbinding things take place. Tinkerbell decides to enroll in a part time evening course to learn wizardry and spell-craft and works as a singer in the magic coffee house during the day to pay her way The coffee house is owned by a syndicate in which the evil witch and the beast and 50-50 partners

The beast isn�t really all that bad. He used to be a prince once but owing to the evil witch he suffers from a spell. The evil witch also has a young helper. Her name is Cinderella. She is the prettiest girl in Magic town and her mind is as beautiful as her face. The evil witch loves dirty green colour and makes sure the whole coffee house is decorated in that colour. She makes Cinderella and Tinkerbell wear that colour too

Jack has heard a lot about cinderella's renowned beauty, so he too comes to magic town to see her. Pinocchio doesn�t like magic town, he wants to see the fairy land so that they make him a real boy. Rumpelstilskin is his only true friend. Rumpelstiltskin has dreams of setting up his own gingerbread company with gingerbread men of all sizes and colours.

Now here, the story gets interesting

Red riding hood has a huge crush on Rumpel but Rumpel doesn�t show any interest in her.

Jack finally comes to the witch's cottage where he lays his eyes on Cinderella and its love at first sight. The witch, who is brewing green stew senses it and wants to do something evil.

Fortunately, Pinocchio pokes his nose before the evil witch can attack Jack. Pinnochio and Tinker jump to Jack's rescue and take him to a safe place namely Rumpel's cottage. Rumpel meanwhile was digging in his garden for some beetroots when they came to his cottage. They knocked and asked him to help her. Red Riding Hood who is always hovering around Rumpel welcomes them in

Cut to Cinderella
Cinderella meanwhile has been saving up enough money to quite the job so that she can buy a new pumpkin. But the witch puts a spell and makes her think that Jack is 'stalk'ing her. She wishes to find Jack who owns a lot of pumpkins.

Cut to Beast
He has followed Pino, Tinker and Jack to Rumpel's cottage. There he lays his eyes on Red Riding Hood and his hard heart melts. The Beast has been taking foxtrot lessons. He grabs her and they start dancing to the music of silence He decides to join the good team of Pinnochio, Jack, Tinker, Rumpel and Red and tells them about the evil witche�s plans and how to go about foiling them
Tinkerbell, suddenly remembers that for her wizardry homework, she has to put the love-chant on a dancing couple and so she does just that. She takes her wand, and throws a spell in the beast�s direction. However, the beast has been immunized against chants during a special immunization drive some years ago and the chant rebounds on Tinkerbell, with the effect that the first person she will see next, she will fall in love with.

Tinkerbell lays her eyes on Jack and thunderbolts and stuff happens!! Shiny lightning and huge strawberries start dropping all over!! Rumpel and Pinocchio hold on to each other but Pino loves strawberries so he shoves Rumpel aside and starts gobbling the strawberries.

Rumpel, getting this chance, falls into the arms of riding hood. Meanwhile Jack urges everyone to get serious and do something about rescuing Cinders. Okay so now red is yo yoing between Beast and Rumpel. Tinker has been hit by Cupid. Jack wants Cinders, Cinders wants Pumpkins, Pino wants to a real boy and the evil witch wants to burn them all in her green potion.

So the six of them take their lil bows, arrows, knives, stones and magic and gear for the evil witches' den only to discover Cinders and Evil witch are trying WWF on each other. Everyone is shell shocked but then they hear some noises. The real Cinderella is on the highest room of the tallest tower. The evil witch was playing dirty games on the super 6. Now the 6 attack her and beat her up into green pulp, and then throw her into the dirty green cauldron where she turns into a pathetic slimy dirty green tapeworm

Pino quickly puts the worm into his glass bottle and smirks. As soon as the witch turns into a worm, Beast transforms into a goodlooking prince. He thanks everyone profusely and leaves for his kingdom where his nose ringed princess waits for him

Pino silently whispers Rumpels name in Red's ears and Red tells this to Rumpel and they are engaged. Jack and Cinders hug each other and climb back to the beanstalk.

And Tinker takes Pino to her fairyland where the blue fairy turns him into a real boy.

Thus, everyone is happy and they met every year at the witches cottage to celebrate their friendship.

The green tapeworm however is not invited.


p.s- Any bouquets, direct to me, any brickbats to Suku. Muhahahahahaha.