Vantage point

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

It seems as if I have gone selectively colourblind. My eye only sees red, green and grey, wherever I go.

Monsoon has well and truly set in and it has been raining all day. i did not notice this before but now, after the sky is covered with rainclouds, one realises it very acutely. The whole scenery seems like an interplay between the three colours I mentioned above. All the hostels, the Students Mess and the Commercial Plaza have a coarse grey sandstone on the outside. All the academic block buldings, the library, the CC, etc are made of red sandstone. And everything else is covered with lush green grass or lovely trees.

With due apologies to the Beach Boys,

"All the leaves are green
And the sky is grey.."

The walk I took today from the hostel to the comp centre must've been the most enjoyable one so far. A light drizzle, and a cool breeze (a month ago, I thought Mayawati had banned those in Lucknow) in addition to the visual poetry around. It's like living in an advertisement for a tourism company.

I feel happy for being here!!!

So a big happy and dreamy smile adorns my face today.

I leave you with a self composition.

As I walked away from the station
The porter from behind hailed me "Aye Sir..!"
"You have forgotten your luggage"
He yelled.

I looked back with consideration
Shearing cobwebs with a mental scissor
"I am discarding old baggage"
His fears I dispelled.

That's me!!!