Vantage point

Thursday, August 22, 2002

I was trying to switch from enetation to another system called halo. But then, I spoke to some halo users and they told me that it is even worse, so enetation stays.

Seems like YACCS is the best option, but alas, they are not accepting new sign-ups for the moment.

What this world needs is not peace, eradication of hunger, nuclear disarmament or alternative fuels, but a good and efficient commenting system for blogs. The next time I am invited as a judge for a Miss World or Miss India, that is the answer that'll fetch 10 points from me, when I ask "What do you think the world needs the most today?". Or if I ask "How would you use your title to benefit humanity?", the answer should be "I will do all that I can to start a new and efficient commenting system for blogs."

All girls stretching their way to 5 foot 11, and starving their way to 42 kgs, hear ye, hear ye!!