Vantage point

Thursday, August 29, 2002

TV after so many days

I watched the telly after many days today. (I dont count watching cricket matches as watching TV) I decided to watch one of those shows which show continuous trailers, since I have been out of touch with the Hindi film and music scene. A few observations-

- Rani Mukherjee has gotten even fatter than she was, and still she insists on wearing short dresses. Some people never realise their pitfalls.

- Is this just the effect of Lucknow or is Raveena Tandon looking really amazing in the "Agnivarsha" trailer?

- If someone decided to take Salman Khan, bash his face up real bad, and then give him a really artless plastic srugery with a larynx transplant, what you would get is Sohail Khan. That "Maine Dil Tujhko Diya" thing, I mean what? Why? How can people generate such tripe and expect a crowd for that movie? If any of you watched the movie for any reasons other than professional duty, I will judge you! The trailer was enough to give me the creeps. That actress, she looks like an experiment in the human genome project gone wrong. I think she was in some silly Pankaj Udhas video before this, defacing the pretty city of Sydney.

- Speaking of Pankaj Udhas, that guy is a blot on the name of Ghazal singers. Who on earth listens to him? And as if he did not sound unripe enough, some smart-ass music company has come with an album called "Together" which features songs of Pankaj Udhas and (hold your breath) Jagjit Singh in it. How could they do this. Firstly it is an insult to the great Jagjit that his songs should share magnetic material with Udhas' attempts at melody. Sacrilege!! It is like coming out with a video of "The best batting innings of Sachin Tendulkar and Mpumelelo Mbangwa - a Tribute to two great batsmen", or printing a collection of " The fiction of William Shakespeare and Sidney Sheldon together".
Secondly, listen to the trailer. After Jagjit's voice, when you hear Pankaj's voice, it sounds so baaaaaaaaad, that you immediately want to change channels. Whatever little respect/admiration one has for Pankaj is sure to be destroyed when you hear his voice immediately after Jagjit.

- Am I the only one who thinks Jackie Shroff should retire gracefully? What is this latest attempt at being the angry young dinosaur?

- Chhal's song video is cool. I am so desparately searching for a VCD of Chhal.

- Is this movie called "Zindagi Khoobsurat Hai" a direct take on "Life is Beautiful"? If so, someone make sure Bennini never comes to India. Even he will lose his cool.

This half an hour of watching the trailers left me disoriented. It took half an hour of Frasier (which, I now learn is aired on weekdays) to get me back to normal.