Vantage point

Thursday, September 05, 2002

Raindrops keep giving in to gravity��

Rain is inconsiderate, especially about us city folk. I have just walked to the Comp Centre braving a torrid shower, with heavy gusts of wind that tried to take my umbrella apart. The umbrella, however is made of sterner stuff, and retained its structural integrity come hell or high water ( pardon the pun).

Are you aware of the Sabnisian Classification of Rainshowers? If you are not, let me share it with you. Rain is basically divided into three broad categories-

The Plant Waterer

This is a very weak, powerless sort of a rainshower, one which never drank milk while it was growing up, and never ate leafy vegetables, and hence grew up to be scrawny. Its puniness is apparent by the mildness of the drizzle. The only purpose it solves is watering the plants. It has its own advantages. Lazy people can do without watering their plants. Active people can devote their plant-watering time to some other obsessive-compulsive-disorder type activity. And it saves the lives of those plants whose owners never care to water them. So you see, the utility of this type of rain pretty much centers around watering of plants, hence the name. It has a few spin offs for us humans too. The rain is too light to really soak you, and you can defiantly walk in it for a long time without feeling uncomfortable. Personally, I prefer this type of rain.

The Sadist

The word describes its attitude towards its job. It is not interested in any particular deed. It had its share of vitamins while growing up, but would not be caught dead putting them to good use. Suppose you are the sort who religiously carries a raincoat or an umbrella to work or school during Monsoons, just to be on the safer side. The Sadist frowns on it. It will wait in the wings, storing up moisture till that one Thursday when you forget your raingear on the table. Then it will make sure that you are at a location where there is no shelter available, and even if there is, you are in too much of a hurry to take refuge under it. Then, it will let loose all the H2O in its armoury. It comes down in torrents and soaks you right down to your bone marrow. When you enter your school, however, voila! It stops, as if someone turned the tap off. This is real sadism, not those harmless pranks the Marquis De Sade engaged in.

The Dam Filler Rain

No, it is not a swear word with a typo error. I don�t intend to use the word �damn� on my blog (I just did, didn�t I? Damn!!!). It means �dam�, as in those huge things that pretend to store water and piss many Medha Patkars and Arundhati Roys off. This rain works zealously with only one goal in mind. To fill all the dams in its locality. It is as if that is its only purpose in life. Its intentions however are noble. It will never catch you off guard. It will do some groundwork ( skywork?? first. It�ll send some light grey clouds in the morning that give an indication that something�s afoot. Sort of like war clouds, only, these are not metaphorical.. Then in the afternoon, it will send these slightly senior and more forceful dark grey clouds to show that it means business, and this is not just a drill to educate the young trainee clouds. People realize they are in for really wet weather. They rush home, start chopping potatoes and onions for French fries and bhajiyas. Then after the Dam Filler is convinced that all people are in a convenient place, it sends the big black ones. It starts raining. There are variations in the intensity, but it is by and large a pretty forceful rainshower. It starts in the evening and continues for anything from 2 days to 2 weeks depending on the capacity of your friendly neighbourhood dam. So if those people in the Sahara Desert want rain, they better build dams first (aren�t you glad I am not the Secretary General of the UN?). At the end of it, all dams are filled.

The rain happening right now is of the last category. One sees no use of it raining in a place like IIM Lucknow, but well, in the greater interests of humanity, endure it. And the best way to endure something is to enjoy it.