Vantage point

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

My tummy is aching. No, it is not the result of indigestion incurred as a result of pigging out on the IIML food, but it is thanks to reading Satyen's blog. The only thing funnier than Satyen's writing is a conversation with Satyen in real life (on related issues of course, though his views on economics have been pretty rib tickling as well). I hope you are never too busy to blog Satyen. Keep churning 'em out.

The only thing I ever appear to mention about Lucknow life is the heat, right? Okay, let me branch out a little. We have the finest hostels in India, but since our hostel, Number 11 is the newest, some i's need to be dotted and some t's need to be slashed. Among these, was the issue of our bathrooms without doors. There are 6 bathrooms and 6 toilets on our floor for 15 people, quite a comfortable ratio, but the catch was that only 2 of each had doors. So yesterday I saw our U.P. brethren sweating it out and installing those doors. As a result, 4 bathrooms suddenly came into circulation. Today, I decided to use one of the new ones, and make a departure from the 14 day rut of the 'bathroom on the left'. It was around 6 in the evening, as I hummed a hindi tune ( Aja aja main hoon pyar tera... if you must know) and turned the shower knob, hot water came gushing out, not scalding hot, but definitely hot, causing me to stop the singing and turn it off. It appeared as if the genial handymen had got the red and blue (i.e hot and cold) stickers mixed up. Never mind, I thought, and turned the other knob and resumed saying "Main hoon pyaar terAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA " . Why this aalaap you ask? Because it turns out the stickers were right. What descended upon me was 'real' scalding hot water, and the water before had been heating naturally thanks to the lovely weather here in Lucknow. So for all those complaining about my one-track 'heat' record, that was a diversion.

In these chronicles, in the past, probably in May, I mentioned that my very good friends, Jitesh and Shree (who is a girl, regardless of the name)got married and how they were the cutest couple I ever saw. Check their pics and tell me if I am wrong.

Power failure here, so will post right now, before UPS runs out.