Vantage point

Thursday, July 04, 2002

A mediocre poet living at the junction of the 20th and 21st centuries once said-

Different people
Different eyes
Different places
Different skies

I truly believe in this. Like every person has his/her eyes as a very striking characteristics, so do all places have different skies. Lucknow's sky seems divine, especially during the evenings. I don't know if it has something to do with the fact that the pollution around IIML is sparse enough to be non-existent.

I think, it has something to do, also with the fact that all my life, I have rarely lived in a place where you have a view of the entire sky, from horizon to horizon. In and around Pune, when there are no buildings, you have like a hundred crore hills, and in other places like Bombay, there are too many buildings. Ditto with Indore. So in IIM, Lucknow, about 20 km from the city, one has a view of the entire sky. And it's like watching a kaleidoscope. Remember those mirrored tubes with pieces of bangles kids used to make as science projects in primary school? You just move one muscle and a different and more intricate design would be formed. It's something similar with the Lucknow sky, or rather the IIML sky. You move your eye just ever so slightly and you get to see a different game of intimacy taking place between the light and the clouds. Various hues of pink, orange and red, various formations of milky white clouds, all on the background of a crystal blue colour. Breathtaking. if it weren't for the heat(ouch, the weather again!), I'd keep staring at the sky at all times.

I have heard of bird watchers, but I am a pioneering skywatcher. Anyone want to join the Skywatchers club?

Let's uncork the champagne and have a huge round of drinks. Aniruddha Nagaraj, long time bumchum from school days got an admit from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Yay and woohoo and other things.

He is an extremely brilliant guy who somehow wasn't favoured by the roll of the dice during his apps to US univs. He has 70 plus in all sems and a GRE score of 2240, yet he got a few rejects and was accepted by only Steven's school, somehwere in New Jersey. We all thought that he deserved something much better. The better has finally arrived. Congrats Walya. Way to go!!!

Just read an article on Suku's blog about marriage. Pretty neat, I think (like everything else she writes). Read it if you haven't.

I have to write an essay on "Who am I?" for the Comm101 class. I think the blog might help. So better get working on it. I also have to interview someone about his/her experiences with a boss in the workplace. I got my candidate (wink wink) and am working on the questions.

So people,who am I? Give me some inputs...........