Vantage point

Friday, June 28, 2002

Varsha Bhosale, the fire-spewing daughter of Asha Bhosale wields a very angry pen. Her articles lambast anyone and every one. Just saw a link to her article on Ramanand's blog . I also read the article before that in which she takes on her favourite whipping boys, the communists (whom she lovingly calls 'pinkos'). Entertaining writer this woman. At times, or rather, most of the times, her articles appear anti-muslim and shivsena chhap, but she's got more intelligence than all sainiks sombined. Maybe living in Mumbai makes a person more angry at the minorities?

I had a mail-argument with her during the Gujarat riots in which was stimulating.

Anyway,do read her articles here if you want food for thought. And let me know how much you agree or disagree with her views.

If that woman talks and behaves the way she writes, she would make a team of Mamata, Jayalalitha and Mayawati appear like Daisy Duck's three nieces in comparison.

Hey, you rediff ladies met her?

Oh god, just read this Vajpayee rules out war with Pak . What a thing to say with lakhs of troops at the border. Can you blame TIME for writing that article? If there is no possibility of war, why this facade?? Send those poor soldiers back to their peacetime barracks.

If Jay Leno or Letterman had a show here, it would have to be 5 hours long to accomodate all the jokes at our government.