Vantage point

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

24 hour net access may not be a very healthy thing, I just keep posting.

Someone told me that Vajpayee is visting Lucknow tomorrow. How sweet of him to mark my arrival to his constituency with a personal dash. Really, Atal (I know you read my blog everyday, but also need help clicking the mouse with those arthritic fingers), you didn't have to come all the way from Delhi, I was getting along just fine. I am sorry to break your heart (oops, was that a stroke??) but I won't have time to meet you. So you just chat up with Mayawati and that thug Katiyar you just made UP BJP chief, fill up on those kebabs with your favourite brand of scotch (coking a snook at TIME) and go back to snoozing at Racecourse Road.

Feeling iconoclastic today am I not?