Vantage point

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Had the most unexpected first lecture today. The subject is called "IT in Management" and it is suppossed to cover VB6 and all the Office applications, especially excel and access. I was expecting an essentially techie kinda guy giving us fundas on the softwares. hoever what we got was an extremely warm and fun teacher called Prof Vivek Gupta who started off with a small story. He then asked each one of us to identify ourselves and tell the class what was unique about ourselves. It was a fun session with people giving the most hackneyed replies like "I can meet challenges" and "I am a modest guy" types, as also some really unique answers like "I read faces" and other unqiue answers that I temporarily forget (they were unique, not memorable).

The lecture schedule is quite OK, but the millions of assignments accompanying them can be real killers. Well, you gotta do what you gotta do.

We all showed the hallmarks of being a class of MBA students by not agreeing on anything. we were supposed to elect a CR who will do some minor work for the class. There were 3 candidates and normally, one would've expected a show of hands. Nahh, that wouldn't be management style, would it? First each person had to give a sort of a 'campaign speech', then answer the questions from the 'voters', and then, finally there was a secret ballot voting. Why? Because "show of hands may cause grudges". Don't laugh, don't laugh. Finally a guy named Tony was elected the CR and he has enthusiastically set about making project groups.

The World Cup is finally over. Now we can all go back to being a cricket crazy nation that is satisfied with one bronze per billion per olympic. India has started off its campaign in England in style, with winning the first two matched comfortably, and that too while chasing. Rahul Dravid is getting accolades for his wicket-keeping!! Let's see how long that lasts.

Thought for the day- Khuda Meherban to Gadha Pehelwan