Vantage point

Saturday, July 06, 2002

A lazy Sunday morning unfolds. Started off on a rather expectant note when I woke up at 7(went to sleep at 3) but then reached a bit of an anticlimactic plateau. Spend a large part of the morning searching about Chinese economy and reading Nikita's blog, the Puneri Nikita, not to be confused with the one who lives in Walkeshwar ( Suku assures me that's pretty upmarket). This Puneri Nikita walks to MIT, again, not to be confused with the one in US, but Maharashtra Institute of Technology. Since she walks to MIT, she too must be a Paud Road wasi like me.

The party last night was amazing. It was dry, thanks to the drunken shenanigans I wrote about yesterday, but it was still happening. Hostel 9 and Hostel 10 are joined by this terrace which is called "Titanic" in IIML lingo, since it is shaped a bit like the deck of Titanic. Loud music, flashing lights, huge screen displaying videos, and what have you. First real 'let your hair down' party at Lko. Went to sleep at 3 a.m. after shaking many a leg for hours.

Dhirubhai Ambani is dead. Rest in Peace Dhirubhai, you have touched more lives than you could ever have imagined. Taught India the true meaning of the word 'reliance'.

By the way, yeh Indian team ko kya ho gaya hai? We are actually winning matches from difficult positions!! Is this a new beginning? Rahul Dravid in smashing form, sachin settled in the middle order, Sehwag going great guns, and the tail looks string too, what with Agarkar there!! Hope this is not just a flash in the pan.

Yesterday, our economics proffy for some reason was talking about 'killer instinct', and being a bong, he was pronouncing it 'keeler instinct'. I thought then that the Indian team does have a 'keeler instinct), the slightest hint of pressure and we keel over. Haha, but it doesn't hold true currently. Fingers crossed.

Oh yes, Schumacher and Tendulkar to meet at Silverstone today where Sachin will be given a Ferrari. What I'd give to be a fly on the wall there!!

May go and watch Humraaz today, since Rohan and Prashant find Amisha Patel the hottest thing since Vesuvius cooled down.