Vantage point

Sunday, December 11, 2005

ICC gets Medieval-er

The ICC issued a statement about players' behaviour yesterday.

(ICC).. warned that umpires and match referees would not allow the spirit of the game to be compromised.

Of course not, they hate competition!! Wouldn't Darrel Hair, Steve Bucknor etc be piqued if their monopoly over compromising the spirit of the game were to be broken?

Here's something funny I found later on in the news report -

Since the start of November, eight players and officials have been found guilty of ICC code of conduct breaches, twice the number of guilty verdicts in the same period last year.

Officials? What officials? Pray share with us which officials have been held accountable for anything they did? Darrel Hair continues to be on the ICC panel of umpires though he clearly demonstrated he doesn't even know the laws of the game.