Vantage point

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Slower One Retires

Stop press!! Oh, the press has already noticed it? Then restart press. And start distributing handkerchiefs to all Indian cricket fans who may start bawling (pun unintended) on hearing that Venkatesh Prasad, the mainstay of Indian bowling, has announced his retirement.

As my friend Paras put it so succinctly, "Wonder why these people announce their retirement when most of the ppl think they have already retired."

Prasad's most potent weapon was the slower delivery. Experts attributed its success to the fact that it was well disguised, but I think truth be told, it was because the batsman could not imagine that Prasad could bowl any slower without making the ball stop dead mid-pitch. ;)

In all seriousness though, a brief applause for Venkatesh Prasad who delivered well beyond his limited ability, and gave us one of our most memorable cricketing moments by shattering Amir Sohail's stumps in the 1996 World Cup.