Vantage point

Thursday, July 11, 2002

I have been impressing my friends back home by telling them how I sleep just 4 to 5 hours a day and get by quite well. Ahh, my body deemed otherwise today. Yesterday, I slept at midnight and woke up at 9, just minutes before the first lecture. Then I came back to my room after lunch and was reading "Glenngary Glen Ross", a funny play (also made into a movie I believe) about sales people, but fell asleep at 3 and woke up at 6 in the evening. So that is an amazing 12 hours of doze, taking care of the backlog of the past few days I suppose.

Walya left for Wisc-Mad today. The fellowship is breaking up.........

Soon Kane will be in Virginia, Satyen in Princeton. Wonder when the eight of us will get together again?

So anyway, the concoction that day turned out to be banana. The doodhi lobby lost and some people made a rather bambaiyya crack when they said "Aaj messwaalon ne humko kela diya", a sentence that loses it's meaning of translated to english.

But that was yesterday. Today the dinner was supposed to be dosas. Have you people heard of paper-dosas? Well, the ones for dinner today were sandpaper-dosas. You could have served sandpaper with the sambar and aloo-masala and it would have had the same effect.

However, considering the bong fare that Satyen seems to be living on, I still am much better off.

I am sure that Lucknow has like a mine of rajma or something. Every alternate meal has that sinister bean floating in red gravy. I am not complaining .....yet.. because I like rajma, ...still.

With all due apologies to my non-marathi speaking readers, here are two jokes that I heard today and absolutely have to share.
If any Shivsainiks are reading, well guys, thumbs up your *****.

Ekda Shivaji Maharaj pattey(cards) khelat astaat.
Te haak maartaat "kon aahey re tikdey?"
Ek shipai yeto, ani mhanto "mee maharaj"
Shivaji Maharaj mhantaat "arey tu maharaj tar mee kon?"

Heehee, I know it's bad, but it's just building ground for the next one

Ekda Shivaji Maharaj pattey(cards) khelat astaat.
Te haak maartaat "kon aahey re tikdey?"
shipai ata shahana zaalela asto, to mhanto "hukum maharaj?"
maharaj mhantaat "Ispik"

If you are a marathi speaker and are not laughing as hard as me, go see a doctor.