Vantage point

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


I feel bad for Michael Moore and his fanboys. The fanboys have to fork out 10 or so dollars, a big chunk of which goes to evil corporations that own multiplexes and distribute films (AMC, Viacom, Harvey "Polanski is innocent" Weinstein etc), to watch a stupid utterly wrong screed against capitalism. Just imagine! Being forced to reply on evil corporations while decrying them. So sad.

If only there existed some sort of a technology....some sort of a world wide web of media that would have enabled Michael Moore to selflessly release this earth-shatteringly important and noble movie for free, so everyone could watch it. Without paying a cent, in a "democratic" way. So Moore wouldn't be forced to help the corporations make money....and wouldn't be forced to make millions himself. If only such a technology existed!