Vantage point

Friday, August 28, 2009

When satire works a little too well!

Until a couple of years back when I used to make satirical posts, I thought their tone was obvious. But occasionally, someone would take it seriously and get all hot-under-the-collar about it. For example last year when I made an obviously satirical post demanding that Chennai Super Kings fire Matthew Hayden because he called India a third world country, a blog run by CSK fans responded earnestly saying I was over-reacting.

So anyway, I started actually tagging or labeling my satirical posts as "satire". Partly defeats the purpose of the posts in the first place, but at least it can serve as a pointer to those slow on the uptake.

Which is why this post surprised and amused me. It's about my "demand for an apology" from the HUF. I even tagged the post as satire and tongue-in-cheek, for cryin' out loud! Didn't help. The blogger chides me at length for getting offended and also for dragging casteism and MSD into the picture unnecessarily.

Such responses are amazing. Without quite realizing, they end up proving the basic point I was making - that any idiot can concoct the stupidest reasons for getting offended, and people will actually treat the demands for an apology seriously.