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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Script for Pastis

Here's a strip idea I came up with for Pearls Before Swine. Specifically, the sort that Pastis seems to derive evil satisfaction from - an elaborate set-up with the punchline being a mind-twisting pun on some famous line or quote. Read and grind your teeth.

(Pig becomes great friends with a guy named Knott.... maybe the English wicketkeeper Alan Knott)

Pig: A restaurant was offering free milk shakes today. Knott and I went to have some.
Rat: Did you drink lots of them?
Pig: In fifteen minutes I was barely able to finish my first, but Knott had already downed two.
Rat: You had just the one shake?
Pig: No, after that I went to get more for us. But a really really small portion for me and a full one for Knott
Rat: So they gave 'em for free too?
Pig: Yup. My teeny shake and Knott's third.

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