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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

When satire working too well gets even better!

Follow-up to my last post. The blogger sent me a very angry and annoyed email, which is......heh...well, which speaks for itself. Reproducing it here.

Dear Gaurav,

This is regarding your recent post×9

You have written about how people fail to get your sarcasm and how, in your own words, “any idiot can concoct the stupidest reasons for getting offended, and people will actually treat the demands for an apology seriously.” -

My take on this is: read your post again. I mean, morons who can write *EXACTLY* as you did on that topic, exist. Now without knowing the oh-so-fucking-humorous you, how am I supposed to know whether you are a genuine retard or a sarcastic monger? And you didnt bother to exaggerate/ vituperate the obvious which may have given clues to a casual reader that you were being sarcastic

Now, I dont know you – nor your coterie of 9 other friends who apparently know you as a person/ through your other blogs (or seriously most of whom just look like read up tags a lot). So I did not get the hang of whether you were genuinely moronic or were mocking one. And, I assumed you were the former.

If you have still issues with that, you can keep them.

Here's my response

Dear K,

Indeed, I owe you a public apology. I sincerely apologize for not exaggerating or vituperating the obvious and keeping my post limited to very mundane and totally realistic elements such as accusations of Brahminical bias, mentioning Gatari Amavasya as a counter-example, injecting Dhoni into it, and demanding that the HUF apologize to Dhoni. You are right. All these really are believable objections.

In the future, I will keep some Tolkien or Lovecraft handy and include some really fantastical elements that make the satire blindingly obvious for your benefit. Perhaps claim that the HUF insulted Cthulu? Or that the bogeyman feels aggrieved? Or that the tooth fairy is considering a lawsuit?

In the meanwhile, do accept my sincerest apologies for any distress, annoyance and hypertension I might have caused you.

Yours sincerely,
Gaurav Sabnis