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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some Like It Hoth

Yes, the title of this post is the name of the latest episode of LOST. And that is what this post is about.

LOST is a show about a lot of things - mysteries, suspense, intrigue, mythology, science fiction, pop culture references, and ironies. But above it all, it is a show about the depth of characters, their development and their interplay. Take away all the exotic elements of the show and you are still left with compelling and absorbing story-telling centered around characters that makes the show the best ever in the drama genre. And last week's episode - Some Like It Hoth, was an excellent illustration of that.

Most (if not all) regular characters in LOST have Daddy issues. Dads who abandoned them, disappointed them, betrayed them, overwhelmed them or then just confused them. Yet, the writers manage to pull off a poignant and touching episode with an entirely new and different Daddy-issue-story, this time centered around the Miles Straum character. Brilliant. Just brilliant!

This is the juice that keeps people like me waiting in anticipation every Wednesday for a new LOST episode. This is the magic from the writers that ensures I will have major withdrawal symptoms in the Summer of 2010 after the series comes to an end.

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