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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

CNN-IBN, You Owe me an Errata!!

A friend directed me to this article on IBNLive about the Supreme Court decision against a 19-year-old who criticized the Shiv Sena on Orkut. It says -

Gaurav Sabnis complained about the standards of teaching at a Management institute. His write-up was forced off the net.

Huh?? It was NOT forced off the net. The article is very much online here, as are the follow-ups here and here. In fact, the whole point of the entire episode, the crux of the matter, the keyest-of-key detail, is that the write-up was NOT forced off the net. It was my refusal to take the article off that lead to the legal notice, IIPM's laptop-burning threats to IBM, my resignation from IBM, and the subsequent brouhaha.

The same factual error has been made in the video version of the story too.

I assume that there is no willful misrepresentation in the story on the part of Pallavi Paul, who wrote the article. She probably doesn't know what happened. But I would have expected higher standards of journalistic rigor and due diligence from a big media entity like IBN, especially one that is associated with CNN.

I request CNN-IBN to correct the article, remove this factual inaccuracy about me, and post an errata clarifying the factual error made. And that the video story be edited too, to make the necessary correction.

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