Vantage point

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Significant Moments

Sometimes significant and life-altering moments occur without us even realising them.

I came down from the Empire State Building and walked into Jim Hanley's Universe. It is a comic lovers' delight. I browsed around, and admired in print several comics for a long time. Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis, Steve Ditko, and of course Neil Gaiman. Pored over their work without any interruption. Argued with myself back and forth about whether I should buy a copy of V For Vendetta. Did. Sentimental reasons you see; first graphic novel I read and all that. Then argued with myself whether I could afford to buy the $30 hardbound Good Omens. Decided I couldn't afford it. But bought it anyway. Then walked over to the t-shirt section. Needless to say, figuratively drooled over the Cartman t-shirts. "GODDAMIT!!!", "Respect My Authoritah!!", "Ai, get your bitch ass in the kitchen and bake me a pie", "You're breaking my balls here". Then suddenly remembered I had to buy a gift for Aadisht. I had forgotten which of the Death books he specifically wanted. Decided to get him my favourite - High Cost of Living. You'll never guess who the introduction is by. Well, maybe you will if you know enough about Gaiman and the speculation about who he modeled Death on. Or if you just check out the book's wiki.

Took the books to the check-out, and walked to Ariana for lunch.

Four hours later at the MOMA, Karishma and I were looking at Roy Lichtenstein's 'Drowning Girl', which is drawn in comic-book-style. That it is drawn in comic-book style is obvious from the picture I linked to. But Lichtenstein was really serious about it. He even drew an array of tiny red dots, basically pixels, on the girl's face, similar to what you will observe on someone's face in an old comic book if you look at it really closely.

And that painting suddenly reminded me of something. My trip to Jim Hanley's. I realised that a few hours back I had experienced a life-altering significant moment. I saw the Eric Cartman "Respect My Authoritah" t-shirt, more specifically, size-small. And I did not buy it. I did not even think about buying it. It never even occured to me to buy that size-small t-shirt. A month ago I would have bought it, and all other Cartman t-shirts and couriered them. But not now.

Great success!!

P.S - If this post doesn't make sense to you, don't worry. It barely makes sense to me.