Vantage point

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Help me! Heard "Come On Closer" by Jem today. It begins with the opening notes of a bollywood song I know, and the tune keeps reappearing throughout the song. I just haven't been able to identify which song it is. It's R.D. Burman for sure. Please listen to the song below, and mail me if you figure it out. This is driving me insane.

Update: For some reason the most common answer was "dil ke jharonkhe mein" from Brahmachari. Similar music, but not an exact match. The song is 'Baharon Phool Barsao' from Suraj. Music by Shankar Jaikishen, not RD.

Thanks - Shashikant, Jaideep, Cuckoo, Krishna, Giridhar and Sailesh