Vantage point

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Cartel Expands!!!

What is the Libertarian Cartel of the Indian blogosphere? It is basically a bunch of bloggers whose first principles are -

a) Individual freedom is absolutely sacred
b) Private property rights are absolutely sacred

The term "cartel", came into being as a joke (details here). We were then just bloggers who shared similar ideas. Then we got to know each other better, via email, chat, phone, blog discussions. Many of us have met in real life too. And we have embraced the term "Libertarian Cartel", because it is superbly ironic, and we are big fans of irony.

Though world domination is there on our agenda, our main activity is having extremely stimuating conversations about economics, politics, entertainment, art, and other matters, mainly via email. To put it simply, the Cartel's trade is intellectual masturbation

So what's new, my old readers ask. Well, we have fresh blood in the cartel. Shruti Rajagopalan, a law student from Delhi, who has had some experience with our favourite NGO CCS, started blogging a few months back, and her posts left us quite impressed. We invited, she accepted, and short story shorter, she is now officially a card-carrying member of the Libertarian Cartel. That brings the membership of the Cartel to an even 20.

Welcome, Shruti. We don't have a secret handshake yet, but you are free to invent one if you want.